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Gas Cookers

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Heating and Plumbers install or relocate your brand new (or used) gas cookers range cooker, built-in oven or hob to natural gas. With every Gas Cooker Installation, gas safety is important. Firstly to we make sure no gas escape exists in the property If there is, we will find it.


We ensure all safety clearances are correct, height and width to manufacturers’ instructions and British Standards
fit a new copper pipe and cooker hose to your new cooker appliance. We will make sure the cooker is level for even cooking and safety. Fix a stability bracket or safety chain on all free standing cookers. Gas leak test (tightness test) to make sure no gas escapes when your new appliance is fitted. Test all safety devices on the newly fitted appliance


we also stock a comprehensive van of spares and fittings For Repairs.
The majority of oven repairs are completed on the first visit.
However, should we not have the part your appliance needs; we are usually able to get the required part within 24 hours, subject to availability from the manufacturer.
No extra charges would be incurred for the second visit.


If you own or rent a flat, maisonette or shared accommodation then you must ensure that any gas cooker or gas hob that you purchase is fitted with a FSD (flame sensing device) in a nutshell this stops you leaving the gas on. This is now law, and please don’t rely on high street retailers or bigger cooker/hob retailers to inform you on this (check yourself), I would estimate 5 out of 10 cookers I attempt to install have to be returned because they are without an FSD, so please don’t get caught out, call us if you are in doubt.

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